Settle Your IRS Debt for What You Can Pay

A client of ours owed more than $300,000 and we settled with an
Offer in Compromise for less than $6,000!

Are you in a position where you think can never fully pay off the IRS. The worry never seems to end, and neither does the impact on your credit rating. Tax liens may prevent you from ever being eligible for financing to buy a car or home. Well, through an IRS program called “Offer in Compromise” you can pay the IRS a much smaller amount to totally wipe out your debt, including all penalties and interest. Once the IRS accepts your offer and you pay the agreed upon amount, all federal tax liens are released. You get your life back! But to successfully prepare and negotiate an Offer in Compromise; you need help from an experienced professional. This is a complicated, stressful process that currently takes several months. We’ll take the stress out of it for you by completely handling the entire process. You’ll never have to talk or meet with the IRS at all we’ll do it for you!

If you are at your wits end and would like to discuss to see if you are a candidate for an offer in compromise call us today at 1-844-SOS-1040 or contact us using the form below.

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